Best Rice Cookers: Top Models Reviewed

Best rice cookers with rice being cooked with wooden spoon in cooker
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Rice is a staple food in many cultures around the world, and preparing it perfectly can be somewhat of a fine art. With a variety of cooking methods available, rice cookers have revolutionized the process, making perfect rice accessible to everyone. These kitchen appliances simplify cooking by controlling heat and timing, to ensure consistently fluffy and well-cooked rice with each use.

Selecting the right rice cooker can enhance your cooking experience significantly. The market offers a broad range of rice cookers, from simple, one-touch models to advanced machines with multiple settings for different rice types. The critical aspects to consider when purchasing a rice cooker include its capacity, flexibility, ease of use, and additional features such as fuzzy logic technologies.

Additional functions such as keeping rice warm, slow cooking, or having a delay start are also important considerations depending on one’s lifestyle and needs. Durability and ease of cleaning are practical matters not to overlook, as they contribute to the longevity and convenience of the appliance.

We evaluated various options to determine which rice cookers stand out in terms of performance, quality, and user satisfaction. Our analysis and testing of numerous models aim to pinpoint the best choices for your kitchen needs, whether you’re cooking for a few or feeding a crowd.

Top Rice Cookers for Perfectly Cooked Grains Every Time

Whether you’re a sushi aficionado or you just appreciate a hassle-free way to prepare dinner, a reliable rice cooker can be a game-changer in your kitchen routine. We’ve sifted through numerous options to bring you the creme de la creme of these handy appliances. From models that boast advanced technology for precise cooking to budget-friendly options that don’t skimp on quality, our selection caters to a variety of needs and preferences. Our lineup is intended to help you find the perfect companion for all your rice cooking adventures.

Aroma 6-Cup Rice Cooker

If you’re seeking convenience and consistently delicious rice with minimal fuss, this kitchen ally is worth considering.


  • Prepares rice to perfection, switching to warm mode when done
  • Cleans up easily; no scrubbing necessary
  • Compact enough for small kitchen storage


  • Capacity may be insufficient for large gatherings
  • Simplicity means fewer functions compared to advanced models
  • Glass lid, while sturdy, requires careful handling

We’ve been using the Aroma 6-Cup Rice Cooker and have found it wonderfully straightforward, efficiently turning raw grains into fluffy rice in no time. It’s been especially handy on those weekdays when juggling work and home life means every minute is precious. Simply rinsing the rice, adding the appropriate amount of water, and pushing a button is all it takes before we can turn our attention back to our other tasks.

Upon returning to the kitchen, we’re greeted with the sight of perfectly cooked rice, thanks to the cooker’s auto-switch to a ‘keep warm’ mode — an indispensable feature for us. It’s the small joys like not having to worry about the pot on the stove that make this rice cooker a treasured part of our routine.

Cleaning up after cooking is usually a task we dread, but the nonstick pot of this Aroma model has made this a breeze. We unplug the cooker, let it cool, and then all it takes is a quick wipe to get everything clean. Even on days when we venture beyond rice, trying out dishes like jambalaya or chili, the clean-up remains notably straightforward.

Our overall impression of the Aroma 6-Cup Rice Cooker is undeniably positive. It’s a reliable appliance that has found its rightful place in our home, making meal prep simpler and giving us back the time we’d otherwise spend monitoring a pot on the stove.

BLACK+DECKER 6-Cup Rice Cooker

If we were looking for a simple, no-fuss rice cooker perfect for small to medium-sized families, this would be a solid choice.


  • Fluffy rice on autopilot with automatic keep warm function
  • Added versatility with a food steaming basket
  • Straightforward cleanup with dishwasher-safe parts


  • Limited capacity for larger gatherings
  • Basic functionality might not suffice for rice aficionados
  • Plastic construction may not appeal to everyone

Cooking rice can often be a tricky endeavor that requires precise timing and temperature control, but we’ve found the BLACK+DECKER 6-Cup Rice Cooker takes the guesswork out of the equation. With the capacity to cook up to six cups of rice, it has generously served both our small get-togethers and quiet family dinners. We especially appreciate the automatic ‘keep warm’ feature, which keeps the rice at the perfect temperature until we’re ready to eat.

There’s something to be said for gadgets that serve multiple purposes without cluttering the workspace, and this rice cooker doubles as a steamer. We’ve enjoyed tender, perfectly steamed vegetables and fish without the need for an extra appliance. This not only saves space but also simplifies our cooking process.

After our meal, the last thing we want to face is a mountain of dishes. Thankfully, this rice cooker’s nonstick bowl and glass lid can be popped right into the dishwasher, giving us more time to relax after our meal. Regarding everyday use, it exemplifies convenience and efficiency in our kitchen routine.

Aroma Digital Rice Cooker

We think you’ll love the Aroma Digital Rice Cooker for its convenience and consistency, transforming your kitchen experience with ease.


  • Prepares a variety of dishes effortlessly
  • Simple to clean with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Delay Timer enhances meal planning flexibility


  • Steam may cause condensation on the lid
  • Capacity might be small for large families
  • Advanced features might require a learning curve

From the first time we used the Aroma Digital Rice Cooker, the simplicity of operation struck us. Tap a button and it transitions smoothly from cooking to Keep Warm mode; there’s no need to linger in the kitchen. The rice turns out splendidly fluffy each time, and the ability to steam meat or vegetables simultaneously is a game-changer for time-saving meal prep.

Having a tool that effectively doubles as a steamer and a cooker without hogging counter space is a culinary boon. We’ve tried making not just rice, but also oatmeal and jambalaya, relishing the results. The bonus of Flash Rice reducing cooking time by roughly half is a feature we often lean on during busier days.

Clean up is just as painless. We pop the non-stick inner pot and accessories right into the dishwasher and we’re done. The digital controls are intuitive, and the Delay Timer means we set up our rice in the morning and come home to a perfectly cooked side in the evening. When considering its utility and performance, the Aroma Digital Rice Cooker is a compact but mighty ally in your quest for the perfect grain.

Aroma Induction Cooker

We believe this cooker is a game-changer for anyone looking to simplify their cooking process with reliable results every time.


  • Quick and even cooking due to advanced 360° induction heating
  • Versatile with multiple functions for different types of meals
  • Convenient delay timer for meal planning


  • Might be bulky for small kitchens
  • Longer cooking time for brown or multigrain rice
  • Delay timer can occasionally be off by a few minutes

Cooking with the Aroma Induction Cooker feels like stepping into the future of kitchen appliances. Effortless and precise, it transforms the mundane task of making rice into an almost foolproof endeavor. Its 360° induction heating ensures every grain is perfectly cooked – no more guessing if the bottom layer is burnt while the top is underdone.

The versatility is a standout feature. A robust companion in the kitchen, this multicooker can shift from making fluffy rice for a sushi night to steaming vegetables or even crafting a hearty porridge for breakfast. The provided accessories make it all the more convenient, allowing us to measure the perfect portion of rice or steam foods right above as the grains cook evenly beneath.

Perhaps most appreciated during our busy weeks is the 15-hour delay timer, which means coming home to a perfectly cooked meal – a small luxury on our most hectic days. Remember though, while the delay timer is usually spot on, it has been known to complete the cooking slightly ahead of schedule on occasion. Keep this in mind especially if your timing is tight. Despite this minor quibble, our experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, solidifying its place on our counter as more than just a simple rice cooker.

Blue Rice Cooker 1L

We believe this stylish Blue Rice Cooker 1L is a compact and reliable choice for small families or individuals who enjoy perfectly cooked grains with minimal effort.


  • Intuitive one-button operation simplifies cooking
  • The keep-warm function maintains rice at the ideal temperature
  • Includes handy accessories like a steamer and a measuring cup


  • Capacity may be too small for large gatherings
  • Some users report uneven cooking if instructions are not precisely followed
  • The nonstick pot requires careful handling to maintain its coating

We’ve noticed it’s become a breeze to make that fluffy white rice or hearty brown rice that pairs well with almost any dish. Its one-touch button means you don’t have to stand around waiting to switch modes—once the rice is cooked, it automatically switches to keep warm.

Making more than just rice is a delight with the added steamer, which is great for vegetables. And it’s not just for dinner; think oatmeal for breakfast, too. The steamer’s plastic, durable, and we appreciate how it enhances the cooker’s versatility.

Cleaning up has thrown us no curveballs—thanks to the nonstick pot. Just a quick wash and it’s ready for the next use. A word of caution, though: we make sure to use silicone or wooden utensils to preserve that precious nonstick surface.

The sleekness of the glass lid complements our kitchen counter, and being able to peek in without lifting the lid is a feature we find ourselves not wanting to live without. Just keep an eye on the knob; it’s plastic, and while it stands up fine, it’s best treated with care.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best rice cooker, we consider several features that cater to our needs and preferences. Here’s how we break it down:


We assess the size of the rice cooker based on the number of people we usually cook for.

  • Single or small families: 1 to 3 cups
  • Larger families or entertaining: 4 to 10 cups


We look at the inner cooking pot material for durability and ease of cleaning.

  • Non-stick: Easy to clean but may wear over time
  • Stainless steel: Durable and scratch-resistant


We consider the variety of cooking functions available.

  • Basic models: Cook and keep warm
  • Advanced models: Brown rice, sushi rice, porridge, steaming

Convenience Features

We examine additional features to enhance convenience.

  • Digital Timer: To set cooking time precisely
  • Keep Warm: Keeps rice warm after cooking
  • Reheat Cycle: Reheat rice without overcooking
  • Quick Cook: For faster cooking times


We assess our budget to find a rice cooker with the best value for our money.

Budget LevelExpected Features
EconomyBasic functions
Mid-rangeAdditional settings
High-endPremium features, design


We read user reviews to gain insight into the reliability and real-world performance of the rice cooker.

By paying attention to these aspects, we can make a well-informed decision on which rice cooker would best suit our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries about rice cookers to help you make informed decisions when purchasing your appliance.

What are the key features to look for in a high-quality rice cooker?

When searching for a high-quality rice cooker, we prioritize features such as multiple cooking modes, a non-stick inner pot, programmable settings, a keep-warm function, and a sturdy build. Additionally, options like a delay start timer and advanced heating technology can enhance cooking convenience and results.

How do Japanese rice cookers differ from other brands?

Japanese rice cookers are often distinguished by their cutting-edge technology, which may include microcomputer-controlled cooking cycles and induction heating. These features allow for precise temperature adjustments and better quality cooked rice. They tend to have more functions tailored to different types of rice compared to other brands.

Which is more efficient for cooking basmati rice: a standard cooker or a specialized model?

For cooking basmati rice specifically, a specialized model with settings for long-grain rice is more efficient. It optimizes water use and cooking time to preserve the grain’s integrity and fragrance. A standard cooker can still cook basmati rice effectively, but a specialized model offers tailored features for better results.

Can you recommend a durable rice cooker that fits a tight budget?

We recommend looking into rice cookers from brands like Aroma or Hamilton Beach for durable options that are budget-friendly. These brands offer reliable cookers with essential features that don’t compromise quality while remaining cost-effective.

What are the benefits of using a small rice cooker for individual servings?

Using a small rice cooker for individual servings is beneficial for saving space in the kitchen and reducing energy consumption. These cookers often cook faster, are easy to clean, and prevent wasted rice, making them ideal for single-user households or small servings.

Which rice cooker offers better value: Tiger or Zojirushi?

Both Tiger and Zojirushi rice cookers are highly esteemed, but the value offered depends on individual needs. Zojirushi typically incorporates more advanced technology and settings. This may favor those who prefer having multiple cooking modes for various types of rice. Tiger, on the other hand, offers solid quality and reliability, potentially at a slightly lower price point. This represents valuable efficiency and durability.

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