I’m Sonia Grant, Nutrition Educator, Blogger and Published Author

Welcome! I’m passionate about good nutritious food. Come along with me as we explore nutritious recipes to fuel your body. I love using healthy ingredients and providing simple cooking directions to motivate you to adopt a healthier way of living.

How I work

Hi, I’m Sonia Grant, and I’m thrilled to welcome you to My Nutrition Foods! Being passionate about holistic wellness, my mission is simple: to empower you to achieve optimal health and vitality through natural organic food choices. Taking inspiration from figures like Dr. Joel Fuhrman and the dynamic father-and-son duo John and Ocean Robbins, I am eager to guide health-conscious individuals like yourself towards informed nutritional choices that not only enhance your well-being but also contribute to a more eco-friendly world.

How we can work together

What started as a personal endeavor to protect my loved ones from the dangers of processed foods has now evolved into a commitment to share my findings with the widest audience possible. As the negative result of eating unhealthy, processed foods continues to grow, I believe that it is crucial to equip you with the information you need to make informed choices about your diet and lifestyle. Through My Nutrition Foods, I hope to to empower you to take control of your health and well-being. Information equips us with strength!

How I stay energized and well

My journey to vibrant health and boundless energy is rooted in a holistic approach to wellness. At the core of my lifestyle is a commitment to healthy eating. I prioritize whole-food, plant-based nutrition, focusing on colorful fruits and vegetables, hearty whole grains, and protein-rich legumes. Whenever possible, I opt for organic produce to minimize exposure to pesticides and support sustainable farming practices. This nutrient-dense diet not only fuels my body but also sharpens my mind and bolsters my immune system.

Physical activity is another crucial element of my wellness routine. I’m an avid enthusiast of diverse exercises, which keeps my fitness regimen exciting and challenging. You might find me grooving in a Zumba class, rallying on the tennis court, conquering hiking trails, gliding across an ice rink, pedaling through scenic routes, or carving down snowy slopes. These activities keep me fit and bring joy and adventure to my life.

I find solace and mental stimulation in a good book in quieter moments. My furry companion ensures I never miss a daily walk, combining exercise with the mood-boosting benefits of fresh air and nature.

The synergy of wholesome nutrition and regular physical activity provides me with sustained energy throughout the day and promotes restful sleep at night. This balanced approach to health allows me to live life fully, embracing each day with vitality and enthusiasm.

Sonia Grant

Nutrition Educator and Blogger

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