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Pie making is a beloved culinary tradition, with the pie dish playing a crucial role in the baking process. These dishes, crafted from a variety of materials, are designed not only to evenly bake the crust but also to serve as a vessel that transitions gracefully from oven to table.

Whether one prefers a flaky, buttery crust or a sturdier, crumbly base, the choice of pie dish can significantly influence the outcome.

Material is paramount when selecting a pie dish. Glass pie dishes are praised for their even heat distribution and the ability to monitor the crust’s browning through the transparent material.

Ceramic dishes, on the other hand, retain heat well, keeping the pie warm after it’s been removed from the oven.

Metal pie dishes, typically made of aluminum or tin, offer a more lightweight option and are known for their heat conductivity, though they don’t provide the same aesthetic appeal for table presentation.

The size of the pie dish is also important, as it dictates the volume of filling and the ratio of crust to filling – a crucial aspect for any pie aficionado.

Additionally, ease of cleaning and durability should be considered to ensure the dish can withstand repeated use. It’s also advisable to choose a dish with a wide enough rim to support crust shaping and crimping.

In our search for the perfect pie dish, we evaluated options based on these critical factors. Our research and testing encompassed various materials, sizes, and designs to find the pie dishes that deliver on performance and presentation.

Top Pie Dishes for Perfect Baking

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just starting out, the right pie dish is essential for achieving that flaky crust and even cooking we all strive for.

Our curated selection includes a variety of high-quality options that cater to different needs and preferences, ensuring that your pies come out looking and tasting great every time.

From classic ceramic to modern non-stick, we’ve got the perfect pie dish for your kitchen.

Pyrex Pie Dish

We think this Pyrex pie dish is an excellent buy for its durability and ease of use, making it suitable for pie enthusiasts and casual bakers alike.


  • Even heat distribution ensures consistent baking
  • Glass material makes monitoring the crust’s browning effortless
  • Cleans up easily – dishwasher safe and stain-resistant


  • Glass can be heavier than metal or ceramic alternatives
  • Requires careful handling to avoid breakage
  • Not decorative – simple design may not be ideal for table presentation

After pulling a steaming, perfectly-browned pie from the oven with this Pyrex dish, the quality is evident. The nonporous glass heats evenly, which helps to avoid those dreaded soggy or burnt spots.

It’s just the right size for classic recipes, making it a go-to in our baking arsenal.

When it comes to serving, the clear glass makes a simple, no-frills presentation that keeps the focus on the pie itself. However, if you’re looking for a dish that doubles as a centerpiece, this might not be your best bet. It’s all about substance over style here.

From the oven to the freezer, then straight into the microwave, it’s clear why this Pyrex dish is favored for its versatility.

Clean up is as breezy as the dish is sturdy — a swift scrub or a cycle in the dishwasher and it’s ready for your next baking adventure. Opting for this dish means investing in a reliable, multifunctional kitchen essential.

OXO Glass Pie Plate

We believe this pie plate is a smart buy for any kitchen due to its versatility and durability.


  • Transitions safely from freezer to oven
  • Convenient and secure lid for transport
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Lid can crack if mishandled
  • Glass may chip if not carefully used
  • Heavier than some metal or ceramic alternatives

After pulling yet another golden, perfectly cooked pie from the oven, we’re reminded why the OXO Glass Pie Plate is a staple in our kitchen.

The smooth borosilicate glass heats evenly, which means no more soggy bottoms or burnt edges.

Its sturdiness is a testament to its superior quality – it’s reassuring to know that you can move from chilling to baking without fear of thermal shock.

The wide, easy-to-grip rim ensures a confident hold, even when wearing oven mitts.

And when it came to the test of attending a potluck, the BPA-free lid didn’t disappoint. It snapped on securely, protecting the quiche we so carefully prepared.

The convenience of bringing dishes to friends’ houses or storing leftovers has never been more appreciated.

Cleanup is a breeze; the fact that it’s dishwasher safe proves invaluable on busy days.

And while it’s robust, it’s worth noting you have to handle it with a bit of care, just like any glassware.

Tuck away any worries of relentless scrubbing; this pie plate simplifies the entire baking process end-to-end, a true reflection of OXO’s commitment to practical, reliable kitchenware.

Mora Ceramic Pie Dish

We think you’ll love the Mora Ceramic Pie Dish for its durability and elegant design, perfect for those who take their baking seriously.


  • Robust build with Paladin Clay
  • Even heat distribution
  • Scratch-resistant glaze


  • Heavier than other pie dishes
  • May be too deep for some recipes
  • Limited to three color choices

After pulling the Mora Ceramic Pie Dish out of the oven, the golden crust on my apple pie was nothing short of perfection.

The fluted edges imparted a professional touch to the appearance that impressed everyone at the table.

Its deep sides allowed for a generous filling without any spillage, making it ideal for large family gatherings.

It’s apparent that the designers prioritized function as well as form; this dish distributes heat evenly, ensuring a consistent bake throughout.

The Paladin Clay also keeps the dish warmer for longer, helpful for those times when guests are running late.

Cleanup is a breeze, thanks to the crystallized glaze.

It’s strong enough to resist scratches from metal utensils and ensures that food does not stick.

After the meal, just pop it in the dishwasher – the pie dish emerges looking as good as new.

Its robust construction means it can shuttle between the freezer and the oven without risk of thermal shock, simplifying meal prep immensely.

Despite its weight, the Mora Ceramic Pie Dish brings a touch of modern farmhouse charm to the kitchen and table.

While it may take up a bit more storage space and requires a gentle hand due to its ceramic nature, the dish’s versatility and durability make these minor considerations worth it.

vancasso Green Ceramic Pie Pan

We find this pan to be an exceptional choice for anyone passionate about baking, offering both style and reliability in the kitchen.


  • Enhances kitchen aesthetic with a unique reactive glaze finish
  • Easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its dishwasher-safe feature
  • Well-suited for various baking needs with its ample 9-inch size and depth


  • Each piece’s unique finish might not match if purchasing multiple for a uniform look
  • Might be more substantial in weight compared to other pie dishes
  • Color may vary, which could be a downside for those who prefer consistent hues

This vancasso ceramic pie pan impresses with its generous size and eye-catching green glaze.

Its sturdy construction holds up well during baking and it integrates seamlessly into any kitchen decor.

The distinctive finish makes every piece one-of-a-kind, which I find to be a conversation starter when serving up a classic apple pie.

Even after multiple uses, the non-stick surface has served us well, releasing pies with ease and ensuring a simple cleanup process.

Whether it’s quiches or pot pies, this dish performs splendidly.

Its weight and balance feel substantial when transferring from oven to table, suggesting a quality build that’s made to last.

We’ve stacked this dish in the cabinet alongside others and noted no issues with space.

It’s a practical piece that combines form and function, embodying a sense of rustic charm while delivering on performance.

It’s quickly become a go-to in our baking repertoire, both for its utility and the visual appeal it brings to every dish we create.

Simax Glass Pie Pan

We believe this pie dish is a worthwhile addition to any baker’s kitchen. It combines functionality with a touch of elegance for your baked goods.


  • Withstands both high oven temperatures and cold fridge or freezer without cracking.
  • Fluted sides add a decorative touch, effortlessly elevating presentation.
  • Glass material does not absorb odors or flavors, ensuring pure tastes.


  • The adhesive from the packaging can be challenging to remove.
  • Does not stack easily with other pie plates due to shape and fluting.
  • Glass can be heavier and more fragile than metal alternatives.

Imagine pulling a golden, freshly baked pie from the oven with perfectly crimped edges that instantly catch the eye. That’s the sort of result you can expect with the Simax Glass Pie Pan. Its fluted edges sophisticate your crusts without any extra fuss.

After sliding it out of the oven, it transitions seamlessly to your fridge or freezer. The piece’s versatility is a highlight in my kitchen, and I’ve found it to be a reliable companion from baking to serving.

There is an ease to keeping it clean as well, thanks to its dishwasher-friendly design. Any kitchen’s workload is lessened with hassle-free cleanup.

Plus, with no flavors lingering after washing, every pie tastes authentically like the ingredients within. Witnessing your pie through the clear glass as it bakes provides a satisfaction like no other.

The pane’s resilience has suited our transition from scorching ovens to chilling refrigeration. This capability is crucial when preparing ahead, enabling us to focus on perfecting our recipes.

Despite these strengths, I’ll admit that organizing my cabinets took some creativity due to its unique shape and inability to nest neatly. Moreover, the initial cleanup was more tedious than expected; that adhesive took some elbow grease to remove. Still, these are small prices to pay for such a commendable kitchen ally.

Buying Guide


We consider the material of a pie dish crucial for even baking and durability. Common materials include:

  • Ceramic: Retains heat well and offers even cooking.
  • Glass: Allows for easy monitoring of the crust’s browning.
  • Metal: Usually aluminum or aluminized steel, perfect for crisp crusts.

Size and Depth

Our pie dishes should match our baking needs. Standard sizes are:

DiameterDepthBest for
8 inchesShallowSmall pies
9 inchesStandardMost pie recipes


The shape contributes to the crust’s structure and flakiness. We prefer dishes with:

  • Fluted Edges: For decorative crusts.
  • Straight Sides: For more uniform crust thickness.

Heat Conductivity

We assess heat conductivity to ensure even baking and golden crusts. Metal usually has the highest conductivity, while ceramic and glass follow behind.

Ease of Cleaning

We look for dishes that ease our cleaning process, favoring those that are dishwasher-safe. However, always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Additional Features

For convenience, we also appreciate features like:

  • Handles: For safer and easier transport.
  • Rims: To help shape and secure the pie crust’s edge.

Remember, the best pie dish for us depends on our specific needs and the types of pies we plan to bake.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address commonly asked questions about pie dishes to help you make well-informed choices for your baking needs.

What materials are preferable for a durable pie dish?

We find that for durability, metal and tempered glass pie dishes tend to outlast others. Metal pie dishes are less prone to breakage and can tolerate high temperatures, while tempered glass is resistant to scratches and can be safely transferred from freezer to oven.

Professional chefs often recommend brands like Emile Henry and Le Creuset. These brands are revered for their heat retention and even baking. They also offer aesthetically pleasing designs that transition well from oven to table.

How does pie dish depth impact baking results?

The depth of a pie dish can affect the cooking time and the consistency of the filling. Deeper dishes are suited for pies with more filling and require a longer baking time at a lower temperature to ensure even cooking without overbrowning the crust.

What are the advantages of using a pie dish with a lid?

Pie dishes with a lid help to retain moisture and prevent splatter during baking. They’re ideal for transporting a pie without damage, and the lid also doubles as a baking dish for other recipes, such as casseroles.

Is there a significant difference between stoneware and ceramic pie dishes in baking?

Yes, there is a difference between stoneware and ceramic pie dishes. Stoneware generally distributes heat more evenly and can sustain high oven temperatures, which is ideal for a crisp crust. Ceramic dishes, while similar, may vary in quality and heat conduction depending on the glaze and the firing process.

How do you choose the right size pie plate for your recipe?

Choosing the right size pie plate is crucial for the recipe’s success.

We typically use a 9-inch dish for standard pie recipes. For larger gatherings, a 10-inch dish can accommodate more filling.

Ensure that the recipe matches the pie dish size to avoid under or over-filling. This can affect baking time and crust-to-filling ratio.

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