Best Kitchen Scales: Top Picks for Precision Cooking

In every kitchen, precision matters, whether you’re baking delicate pastries or counting calories for a nutrition plan. A kitchen scale is a crucial tool that ensures accuracy in measuring ingredients, and its importance can’t be overstated in recipes where the balance of flavors hinges on precise proportions. From digital to mechanical, there’s a wide array of kitchen scales available, designed to cater to diverse culinary needs.

Digital kitchen scales are lauded for their precision and ease of use, often featuring sleek designs that blend seamlessly into modern kitchens. They typically come with functions that range from simple weighing to more complex calculations like converting units or calculating volume. Meanwhile, mechanical scales, with their classic aesthetic, appeal to those who appreciate a more tactile experience, though they usually lack the pinpoint accuracy of their digital counterparts.

When choosing a kitchen scale, key considerations include accuracy, capacity, size, ease of cleaning, and whether it offers additional features like unit conversion or tare functionality, which allows you to subtract the weight of the container to zero the scale. Durability and design also play roles, as does the responsiveness of the scale’s display when adding or removing items.

Our comprehensive evaluation of various kitchen scales aimed to identify the best options that would make measuring ingredients a straightforward and reliable task. We meticulously tested scales to ensure they offer the accuracy and features home cooks and professional chefs need for consistent results in the kitchen.

Top Kitchen Scales for Precision Cooking

We’ve carefully evaluated numerous kitchen scales to bring you the top options for your culinary needs. Whether you’re measuring ingredients for baking, tracking portion sizes for meal prep, or weighing food for dietary monitoring, our selection ensures precision and ease. Our roundup includes durable, user-friendly, and consistently accurate scales that meet a variety of kitchen demands.

Ultrean Precision Scale

We think those seeking a reliable and versatile kitchen scale for daily use will find the Ultrean Precision Scale meets their needs capably.


  • Consistent and accurate measurements
  • Straightforward functionality with easy unit conversion
  • Compact and slim design, storing away neatly


  • Small surface area might limit usage with larger bowls
  • Requires manual switching to preferred units at each use
  • Screen may be less visible under certain lighting conditions

The Ultrean Precision Scale quickly found a place in our kitchen as we whipped up a batch of macarons, requiring gram-level precision. The scale’s accuracy never faltered, giving us confidence in our measurements. With a build that feels solid yet lightweight, cleanup was a breeze after sifting flour and almond powder onto it, which simply wiped right off the stainless steel surface.

Switching between units of measure can be a common need, and we found this scale’s control panel quite user-friendly. A tap of a button cycled through grams, ounces, and milliliters efficiently. However, doing so before every use was necessary as it did not save our preferred setting.

A subtlety we appreciate is the slim design of the Ultrean Precision Scale. It’s discreet enough to leave out on the counter without hogging space, yet its slim profile means it can tuck away into the tightest of kitchen drawers. When it comes to the readout, we noticed it’s well-lit and easy to read, even in dimmer settings, although some angles proved to be slightly challenging.

Etekcity Stainless Scale

We think this Etekcity scale is a dependable tool every kitchen should have due to its precision and ease of use.


  • Versatile weighing options and seamless tare functionality
  • Compact design that fits into any kitchen space
  • Backlit display enhances visibility in all lighting conditions


  • Auto-off feature may be too quick for some users
  • Requires frequent wiping to maintain stainless steel luster
  • Might need recalibration over time to ensure accuracy

Just yesterday, as I was experimenting with a new recipe that called for precise measurements, this Etekcity scale proved to be invaluable. From its sleek stainless steel design to the bright, readable display, everything screams efficiency. It nestled easily into a small space on the countertop, and the simple two-button operation meant I could switch units and reset the scale without fumbling through a manual.

Tare function was a godsend, allowing us to measure ingredients successively without dirtying multiple bowls. Whether pouring liquids or scooping flour, the scale yielded spot-on measurements, promptly converting grams to ounces as needed. The experience was smooth, almost as if the kitchen scale anticipated our next step, making for a seamless baking session.

After use, the stainless steel surface cleaned up in a snap, restoring its elegant shine with just a quick wipe. However, the auto-off feature did catch us by surprise during a multi-tasking moment, turning off just when we were ready to add the next ingredient. We noticed that careful handling is essential to keep this little gem in top condition, as frequent touch can smudge its polished exterior.

In our kitchen escapades, precise measurements are non-negotiable. The Etekcity Stainless Scale has not just met but exceeded our expectations. Despite a few quirks, like the early auto-off and potential need for recalibration, it remains a kitchen essential we reach for daily.

Amazon Basics Scale

We think this scale is a standout choice for its reliability and ease of use, suitable for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs.


  • User-friendly interface with a clear LCD display
  • Tare function for added convenience in measuring ingredients
  • Compact size that simplifies storage and handling


  • Limited weighing capacity of up to 11 pounds
  • Requires periodic battery replacements
  • Plastic components may not appeal to all users

We’ve been using the Amazon Basics Scale in our kitchen, and it’s made our cooking ventures so much simpler. The stainless steel platform resists food stains and odors, which is a relief when you’re dealing with strong spices and colorful produce. It’s easy to wipe down, so we’re not spending extra time cleaning after use.

The precision of this scale definitely lives up to expectations. For tasks that call for accuracy, like measuring portions or baking ingredients, it hasn’t let us down. Switching between units of measurement has been a breeze, and the LCD screen delivers the numbers clearly, which is a plus for visibility.

Its compact size can’t be overstated—it fits into our kitchen drawer effortlessly. But despite its small stature, the 11-pound limit has been more than sufficient for our daily meal prep. We’ve also found the tare function incredibly handy for measuring multiple ingredients in one bowl, saving us from extra dishes.

All in all, this little helper has been indispensable for us, seamlessly integrating into a variety of cooking tasks. If you’re in the market for a straightforward, dependable kitchen scale, the Amazon Basics Scale could be just what you’re looking for.

Greater Goods Scale

We highly recommend this scale for its accuracy and user-friendly design, making it a top pick for kitchen use.


  • Measures up to 22 pounds with precision
  • Sleek design with an easy-to-read LCD display
  • Includes helpful features like tare and hold functions


  • Sensitivity might be too low for extremely light items
  • Limited to four units of measurement
  • Some users may prefer a larger platform

Using the Greater Goods High Capacity Kitchen Scale just feels right. The touch buttons respond swiftly to every command, and its durable construction suggests it’ll withstand the occasional mishap. Whether you’re portioning out meals or tackling a hefty baking project, its 22-pound capacity has you covered.

Meal prep becomes a breeze with its tare function, allowing for the weighing of ingredients without the extra math. Just hit the button, and the scale zeroes out, ready for the next item. The hold feature is particularly useful when you need that weight display to linger a bit longer.

Its compact form factor saves precious counter space, and the stainless steel platform adds a touch of style that complements any kitchen aesthetic. After whipping up a storm, the smooth surface makes cleanup a snap. It’s clear the Greater Goods Scale was designed with practicality and elegance in mind.

Escali Primo Kitchen Scale

We discovered that the Escali Primo Kitchen Scale nails the balance between functionality and simplicity, making it a smart buy for everyday use.


  • Quick, straightforward two-button operation
  • Sealed buttons protect against spills
  • Tare feature adds measuring convenience


  • Lacks fine measurement below 1g
  • No backlight on display
  • Limited to 11 lb capacity

After whipping up my morning smoothie using the Escali Primo, the first thing I noticed was its ease of use. With just two buttons, I effortlessly toggled between units and zeroed out my container. The sealed buttons caught my attention; they’re a boon for messy recipes since they’re protected against accidental spills. Its rounded design prevents food particles from hiding in nooks, so cleaning up was a breeze.

Measuring out ingredients for dinner, I appreciated the tare function. It allowed me to stack ingredients in the same bowl without doing mental math. The auto shut-off is a thoughtful feature as well—no need to fret over wasting battery life.

However, the lack of a backlight made reading the scale in dim lighting a challenge. Moreover, while the scale can handle up to 11 pounds, it doesn’t go below 1 gram, which isn’t precise enough for more finicky tasks like measuring small amounts of yeast or spices.

Buying Guide

When selecting a kitchen scale, it’s important to consider several key features to ensure you get the best product for your needs. We’ll guide you through some of the essential aspects to look at when comparing options.

Accuracy and Capacity

First, check for accuracy and weighing capacity. These are fundamental as they determine the scale’s basic functionality.

FeatureWhy It Matters
AccuracyEnsures precise measurements for consistent results.
CapacityDetermines the maximum weight the scale can handle.

Size and Storage

Consider the size and storage convenience. Ideally, you’ll want something that fits well in your kitchen and is easy to store.

FeatureWhy It Matters
SizeShould align with available counter space.
StorageA compact design can easily fit in drawers or cabinets.

Ease of Use

For ease of use, focus on the readability of the display, the intuitiveness of controls, and simplicity of maintenance.

  • Readability: Look for a clear display that is easy to read from any angle.
  • Controls: Simple, intuitive controls enhance user experience.
  • Maintenance: Scales that are easy to clean and care for save time and effort.

Additional Features

Finally, evaluate any additional features such as unit conversion, tare function, and waterproofing. These can enhance the scale’s versatility.

  • Unit Conversion: Allows you to easily switch between measurement units (grams, ounces, pounds, etc.)
  • Tare Function: Enables you to weigh ingredients without the weight of the container.
  • Waterproofing: Useful for easy cleaning and usage with liquid ingredients.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can make a well-informed decision when purchasing a kitchen scale that meets your culinary needs without unnecessary extras.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries about kitchen scales, focusing on top-rated scales, accuracy for dieting, professional recommendations, essential precision features, standout models, and the benefits of digital over traditional scales.

What are the top-rated kitchen scales for home baking?

For home baking, we recommend the Escali Primo Digital Kitchen Scale for its reliable accuracy and user-friendly design. Another well-rated option is the OXO Good Grips 11 Pound Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display, known for its durability and precision.

How do I choose an accurate kitchen scale for dieting purposes?

Look for a kitchen scale that provides nutritional data and measures in grams for precise portion control. The Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale Smart Nutrition Scale is an excellent choice, as it tracks macros and caloric intake, which can be beneficial for dieting.

Which kitchen scales do professional chefs recommend?

Professional chefs often recommend the Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale and Timer for its precision, responsiveness, and added timer function, which is handy for recipes that require precise timing. The Acaia Pearl Scale is also favored for its precision, smart functions, and build quality.

What features should I look for in a kitchen scale to ensure precision?

For precision, a kitchen scale should have fine graduations, ideally by 1 gram or 0.1 ounces. A tare function is also crucial for accurate additive measuring. High-quality sensors and a clear readout are also essential for ensuring consistent measurements.

Can you suggest a kitchen scale that performs well according to America’s Test Kitchen reviews?

According to America’s Test Kitchen reviews, the OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale comes highly recommended. It is praised for its precision, ease of use, and a pull-out display that prevents shadowing from large bowls or plates.

What advantages do digital kitchen scales offer over traditional ones?

Digital kitchen scales offer more precise measurements and a more readable display. They often come with additional features like tare functions and unit conversion. They are also typically more compact and easier to clean compared to traditional ones.

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