Best Juicers: Top Models for Healthy Home Juice

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Juicing has become a popular way to consume fruits and vegetables, offering a nutrient-packed drink in a convenient, concentrated form. The surge of interest in health and wellness trends has brought various types of juicers into the spotlight. These appliances allow individuals to create custom blends of juice with fresh ingredients, tailoring the taste and nutritional content to personal preferences.

When selecting a juicer, one must consider factors such as the type of produce you plan to juice, the quantity of juice you want to make, and how much time you have for both juicing and cleaning up. There are several types of juicers on the market, including centrifugal, masticating, and triturating, each with its mechanisms and suited for different juicing tasks. Centrifugal juicers are fast and easy to use, making them a popular choice for beginners. Masticating juicers, also known as slow juicers, use a slower crushing and pressing action to extract juice, which can yield more juice and retain more nutrients. Triturating juicers, or twin-gear juicers, offer the most efficient extraction for leafy greens and fibrous vegetables but come with a higher price tag and longer preparation time.

When making a purchase, consider the ease of use and cleaning, as a juicer that’s troublesome to operate or clean may end up collecting dust instead of improving your diet. Durability and warranty are also important, as a quality juicer should be able to handle frequent use over several years. Moreover, some may prioritize the noise level, especially if they live in a shared space or like to make juice early in the morning without disturbing others.

We spent hours evaluating and testing various models to find the best juicers on the market, keeping in mind factors like efficiency, yield, and ease of cleanup. Our goal is to identify juicers that not only produce exceptional juice but also fit into your lifestyle and kitchen routine seamlessly.

Top Juicers on the Market

Our selection of the best juicers is designed to help you choose the right machine for your needs, whether you’re a seasoned juice enthusiast or just starting out. We’ve carefully evaluated a range of models for efficiency, ease of cleaning, durability, and the quality of juice produced, ensuring that our recommendations will enhance your juicing experience.

QCen Centrifugal Juicer

QCen Juicer Machine

We think this QCen Juicer is a smart investment for those who crave fresh juice without the fuss – efficient, easy to use, and clean.


  • Rapid juicing with powerful 500W motor
  • Accommodates whole fruits with a wide chute
  • Simple assembly and safety features


  • Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning
  • May leave more pulp than preferred
  • Requires cooldown periods for longevity

After putting this QCen juicer through its paces, we’ve noticed the powerful motor saves time, blitzing through fruit and vegetables in a flash. Its wide feed chute means less prep, which is a real morning routine accelerator. You’ll appreciate the safety lock that ensures peace of mind, preventing the machine from running if it’s not properly assembled.

Upon first use, its simplicity stands out; no complicated settings, just two speeds to tackle soft or hard produce effectively. The juicing experience feels streamlined, focusing on what matters — getting your nutrition in a glass. Clean-up is straightforward—all removable parts are easily detached for a rinse under the tap, though they aren’t dishwasher-safe.

We did expect a dryer pulp, but the juicer leaves a bit more moisture than we’d like. Nevertheless, the freshness of the juice is uncompromised. Note that after several rounds, you’ll need to give it a break to prevent overheating, but that comes with most centrifugal juicers. Despite these constraints, the QCen Juicer stands out for daily use, especially for those new to juicing who want an uncomplicated start.

Elite Gourmet Juicer

Elite Gourmet Juicer

We think the Elite Gourmet Juicer is a worthwhile addition for those who cherish a fresh start to their day with homemade citrus juice.


  • Extracts juice efficiently, leaving out unwanted seeds and pulp.
  • Easy to clean and reassemble, saving time in the kitchen.
  • Lightweight and compact, perfect for small counters.


  • Might feel less sturdy due to its lightweight design.
  • The motor could be quieter during operation.
  • Longevity concerns with frequent use.

Since we first brought the Elite Gourmet Juicer into our kitchen, our mornings have transformed. The simplicity of pressing down on a halved orange and watching fresh juice pour out is unmatched. Not only does it extract the juice quickly, but the built-in strainer catches seeds and excess pulp, giving us just the right texture—smooth with a hint of pulp.

Cleaning up is often a chore we dread, but this juicer’s disassembly is straightforward. After a quick rinse under the tap, we pop the parts into the dishwasher and it’s ready for the next use, no hassle. Furthermore, its small footprint doesn’t clutter our counter, blending seamlessly with our coffee maker and toaster.

However, a juicer used daily should withstand the test of time. The lightweight build does raise questions about its durability. During its operation, it’s louder than we’d hoped, which might be a tad disruptive in a serene morning setting. Despite this, we find its juicing performance still makes it a solid choice, especially when considering the accessible price point for such an efficient device.

Aiheal Centrifugal Juicer

Aiheal Juicer

We think the Aiheal Centrifugal Juicer is a solid choice for those who want a quick, straightforward juicing experience with minimal fuss.


  • Effortlessly handles various fruits and veggies with 3-speed settings
  • Assembly and cleaning are a breeze, saving us time and effort
  • Generous feed chute minimizes prep work


  • Struggles with high-fiber vegetables which can be limiting
  • The juice collector is on the smaller side, requiring more frequent emptying
  • Possible issues with durability over time, as per some user experiences

Having recently had a chance to put the Aiheal Juicer through its paces, we’ve been mostly impressed with its performance. It powers through softer fruits like oranges and harder ones like apples with ease. The wide chute is especially handy, allowing us to throw in medium-sized fruits without any pre-cutting, a real time-saver on busy mornings.

Cleanup is often a chore with juicers, but not with this model. The parts disassemble quickly, and the included brush gets the mesh filter cleared out without much elbow grease. This straightforward disassembly also means we can keep it sparkling with minimal effort after each use.

However, while the Aiheal Centrifugal Juicer is mostly a joy to use, it does have its shortcomings. If you’re looking to juice a lot of leafy greens or fibrous veggies, you might find its performance lacking. And for those of us who like to make large batches of juice, the smallish collection container means stopping to empty it more often.

In closing, the Aiheal Juicer appears to be a dependable kitchen companion for most of our juicing needs. It offers simplicity and speed, perfect for quick juice fixes. Despite the few niggles, we believe it stands as a value-packed option for anyone looking to enter the juicing game.

Brecious Juicer

Brecious Cold Press Juicer

Our kitchen was instantly upgraded with the addition of the Brecious Juicer, a perfect ally for those looking to extract maximum nutrients with minimal fuss.


  • Extracts juices efficiently with minimal oxidation
  • Operates quietly, no need to worry about waking anyone up
  • Pieces come apart easily making it a breeze to clean


  • The feed chute is on the smaller side, so pre-cutting is necessary
  • Durability could be a concern over the long-term
  • Might take a few tries to get the hang of the best settings for different produce

We found the Brecious Juicer particularly impressive for its efficient juice extraction. It cleverly preserves nutrients and vitamins thanks to its slow masticating process, which keeps oxidation at bay. Sipping on a glass of juice that felt freshly-squeezed from the orchard, we couldn’t help but appreciate the rich, vibrant flavors.

To our delight, early morning juice prep didn’t mean waking the entire household, as this machine’s motor hums along quietly. Slipping in leafy greens or tougher veggies, we noticed a high yield of juice while the pulp ejected was surprisingly dry – a testament to the juicer’s effectiveness.

Clean-up was far from a chore. We loved that we could quickly disassemble the unit with the press of a button, and the parts were simple to rinse off. Even when we opted for the dishwasher, all components came out spotless without any fuss.

However, patience is a virtue when using the Brecious Juicer. It requires chopping fruits and vegetables to fit the smaller chute – something to consider if you’re always on the go. We also noted that although the juicer feels well-designed, some parts gave us pause, leaving us curious about their longevity. Lastly, there’s a bit of a learning curve to perfecting the juicer’s settings to match various types of produce for optimal juice yield.

We can confidently say that our overall juicing experience has vastly improved since introducing the Brecious Juicer into our routine. Whether you’re a seasoned juicer or just getting started, this appliance might just make a significant splash in your culinary adventures.

Fretta Slow Juicer

Fretta Juicer

We believe this juicer is a fantastic choice for those who value efficiency and health, offering quick juicing with minimal prep work.


  • Wide feed chute allows for minimal cutting of produce.
  • BPA-free materials ensure a health-conscious juicing experience.
  • Efficient juice extraction with less foam and waste.


  • Initial assembly may be complex for some users.
  • Higher price point compared to some entry-level juicers.
  • At 9.56 pounds, it’s relatively heavy, which may be a consideration for storage.

Using the Fretta Slow Juicer has revolutionized our daily juicing routine. The extra-wide feed chute is a significant timesaver, letting us drop whole apples and sizable chunks of pineapple right in without chopping them into tiny pieces first. This means we’re drinking our homemade juice in mere minutes, keeping mornings rush-free.

We’ve been particularly impressed by the quality of juice this machine produces. The low-speed mastication technology ensures that our drinks are loaded with nutrients and taste as fresh as possible. Plus, the juicer operates quietly, sparing our household from the disruptive noise typical of most juicers.

Cleanup has always been the bane of juicing, but with Fretta, it’s a breeze. The juicer disassembles in seconds with the press of a button, rinse-friendly surfaces, and a handy brush that gets into all the small spaces. We hardly spend any time cleaning, which is a huge bonus.

In terms of design, it’s sleek and well-constructed, and although it’s on the heavier side, we think the durability justifies the weight. Simply put, if you’re in the market for a juicer that balances performance with user-friendliness, the Fretta Slow Juicer should be on your countertop.

Buying Guide

When we look for the best juicer, we assess several key features that determine the appliance’s efficiency, durability, and suitability for our needs. We will examine a range of characteristics, from the type of juicer to its cleaning convenience.

Types of Juicers

  • Centrifugal: Fast and often affordable.
  • Masticating: Slower, but extracts more juice from produce.
  • Triturating: Twin gears for high efficiency; ideal for leafy greens.

Motor Power

We consider the wattage for robust performance. A higher wattage motor handles tougher produce better.

WattageSuitable for
LowSoft fruits and vegetables
MediumMixed produce
HighTough greens & hard fruits

Speed Settings

Multiple speed options give us better control over the juicing process. A slower speed for soft fruits helps to maximize juice extraction, while a higher speed is good for harder produce.

Juice Yield and Pulp Ejection

We prefer juicers that extract a higher juice yield and have an external pulp ejection system for continuous juicing.

Size and Footprint

Considering kitchen space, we select a size that fits comfortably on our countertop. Compact juicers are preferable where space is at a premium.

Ease of Cleaning

Look for juicers with dishwasher-safe parts to make clean-up easier.

Noise Level

If noise is a concern, we look for models with lower decibel levels.

By focusing on these features, we can find a juicer that fits our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

While selecting a juicer, it’s important for us to consider various factors that make each type and brand unique. Here, we address common inquiries to help us make an informed decision on the best juicer suited to our needs.

What are the advantages of a masticating juicer compared to other types?

Masticating juicers operate at slower speeds, effectively preserving nutrients and enzymes by minimizing heat and oxidation. This process results in higher juice yield and often a richer flavor compared to centrifugal juicers.

How does the NutriBullet Juicer stand out from other juicer brands?

The NutriBullet Juicer is designed for efficiency and ease of use, distinguishing itself with a compact design and powerful motor that can quickly extract juice while retaining nutritional content.

What features should I look for in a Breville juicer to ensure top quality?

In a Breville juicer, we should seek out a sturdy build, multiple speed options for different types of produce, and an easy-to-clean design. Models with a wide feed chute and strong motor are also indicative of a superior quality Breville juicer.

What benefits can I expect when choosing a slow juicer over a centrifugal one?

Opting for a slow juicer, we can expect a quieter operation, more efficient juice extraction with drier pulp, and better preservation of the juice’s nutritional quality due to reduced heat and oxidation.

What makes a juicer particularly good for extracting juice from celery?

A juicer that excels at extracting juice from celery usually has a powerful motor and a fine mesh strainer capable of separating the juice from fibrous stalks, ensuring maximum yield and minimal waste.

How do cold press juicers differ from traditional juicers, and why might they be considered the best?

Cold press juicers, also known as masticating or slow juicers, slowly crush and press produce to extract the juice. This method is considered superior by many of us due to its ability to produce a higher quality juice with more enzymes, vitamins, and a less oxidized, longer lasting final product.

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