Best Freezer-Safe Containers for Long-Term Storage

Storing food efficiently and safely is crucial in any kitchen, and freezer-safe containers play a vital part in this process. These containers are specifically designed to withstand extremely low temperatures without cracking or breaking, making them ideal for long-term food preservation. By using freezer-safe containers, individuals can prepare meals in bulk, save leftovers for future use, and ensure that the quality and flavor of their food is maintained.

Material choice is of paramount importance when selecting freezer-safe containers. Glass, hard plastic, and silicone are common materials, each with its unique advantages. Glass containers are durable and non-reactive, meaning they will not release harmful chemicals into food when frozen. However, they can be heavy and may shatter if dropped. Plastic containers are lightweight and shatter-resistant but can be prone to staining and can retain odors. Silicone options are flexible and often collapsible, saving space, but they may not hold their shape as well as glass or plastic when filled with heavy items.

When choosing the right freezer-safe containers, it’s important to consider factors such as size, shape, and seal quality. Airtight seals are critical to prevent freezer burn and preserve food’s freshness. Additionally, containers should be stackable to maximize freezer space and transparent for easy identification of contents. Some containers also come with additional features such as vented lids for use in microwaves or innovative designs that make defrosting easier.

Mason jars, a versatile and increasingly popular option for freezer storage, are often overlooked. Made of sturdy glass with a reliable airtight seal, they’re perfect for freezing liquids like soups or sauces. We’ll explore how their unique design can benefit your freezing needs while considering what to be aware of to avoid breakage due to expansion.

With the fundamentals laid out and an understanding of what to look for in freezer-safe containers, including the classic Mason jar, we are prepared to help you make informed decisions. By aligning practicality with these guidelines, you’ll be set to preserve your foods in the best way possible.

Best Freezer-Safe Containers

Whether you’re prepping meals ahead of time or storing leftovers, having the right freezer-safe containers can make all the difference. Good containers should seal tightly to prevent freezer burn, be durable enough to withstand cracking at low temperatures, and ideally be stackable to save space. We’ve researched and tested a variety of containers—including specialized freeze-safe options and versatile Mason jars—that excel in all these aspects. Our selected products are designed to keep your food fresh longer and make your freezer organization much more efficient.

Pinnacle Mercantile Plastic Mason Jars

Pinnacle Mercantile Plastic Mason Jars

If you’re in need of versatile and durable freezer-safe containers, these Pinnacle Mercantile Plastic Mason Jars are a reliable option.


  • Clear visibility of contents
  • Tight-sealing lids prevent leaks and odors
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and proudly made in the USA


  • Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use
  • May not withstand very high temperatures
  • Price point may be a concern for some

We recently organized our pantry and found these Pinnacle jars invaluable for keeping various ingredients fresh and visible. Their screw-on lids provide a secure seal, ensuring that everything from spices to homemade jams remain uncontaminated. The ribbed lid design made it effortless for us to open without any slip, even when our hands were a bit damp.

During meal prep, we really appreciated how the jars held up in the freezer. They’ve shown impressive durability and have yet to crack, even after several uses and washes—though we always hand wash them to keep them in tip-top shape. The airtight liner is a subtle but much-appreciated feature that helped protect our food’s flavor and freshness.

As a bonus for those looking to support domestic products, knowing that these jars are made in the USA provides an extra dose of satisfaction. Their practical 16-ounce size is ideal for a variety of uses, helping us reduce food waste by storing leftovers.

Unfortunately, they aren’t high-temperature tolerant, which means we can’t pop them in the dishwasher or microwave. But this limitation is a reasonable trade-off for the security they provide when used for their intended purpose. As for the price, while they may be costlier than some alternatives, the quality and reliability they provide reaffirm that you get what you pay for.

Tribello Mason Jars

Tribello 10oz Mason Jars

We recommend these jars for their practicality and ease of use, with the caveat that they’re not suitable for liquids due to leakage.


  • Ideal for overnight oats and snacks
  • Lids are effortless to remove and secure
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • Not leakproof with liquids
  • One customer experienced a delivery issue
  • A jar arrived broken in an order

We’ve just replenished our kitchen with these handy 10oz Mason jars from Tribello. They’ve proven to be the perfect size for portioning out our overnight oats and prepping small servings of fruits and snacks for the week. The red rubber feature on the lids makes sure they’re a breeze to open, even for those of us with less grip strength.

During our latest meal prep session, we found cleaning these jars to be as simple as placing them in the dishwasher, saving us precious time. Their design fits wonderfully into the aesthetics of an organized kitchen, and seeing our healthy snacks lined up neatly in the fridge is a satisfaction of its own.

However, it’s worth mentioning that we learned the hard way these jars aren’t quite up to the task of storing liquids. After attempting to use one for a salad dressing, we faced some leakage, which tells us they’re not the best choice for anything that’s not on the thicker or solid side. Despite this, their convenience for non-liquid food items keeps them in constant use in our kitchen.

SEWANTA Wide Mouth Mason Jars


Having had the chance to use these jars for various kitchen tasks, we find them to be exceptional for both preserving and everyday storage needs.


  • Airtight lids provide confidence in the freshness of stored items.
  • Durable glass withstands multiple uses, from microwaving to freezing.
  • Versatile for a range of uses beyond just canning, like serving drinks or overnight oats.


  • Freezer use requires leaving adequate headroom to avoid breakage due to expansion.
  • Heavier than plastic which might be cumbersome for some users.
  • Limited to 16 oz size may not be sufficient for all storage needs.

Our kitchen isn’t complete without these robust SEWANTA Wide Mouth Mason Jars. Initially, we wanted to create a perfect environment for our pickling adventures, and that’s exactly what we got. The clear glass not only showcases our colorful preserves beautifully but makes it easy to identify contents at a glance.

We’ve also taken to using these jars for daily meal prep. The wide mouth design is a charm when it comes to loading the jars with leftovers or whipping up a batch of overnight oats. And when it’s time to clean up, we just pop them in the dishwasher without a second thought.

As for freezing, these jars handle it like champions. Just remember not to fill them to the brim. Liquids expand when frozen, and allowing space prevents any risk of cracking. For us, they’ve become a go-to solution for extending the life of our homemade broths and sauces.

Craft-wise, these jars have upped our gifting game, too. We’ve used them for layered baked goods mixes, and the feedback on both the contents and container is always stellar. However, if you’re planning to carry them around, keep in mind that glass can get heavy, and with its sturdy build, this is true for the SEWANTA jars as well.

In summary, whether it’s for kitchen storage, crafting, or even as casual drinkware, these jars accommodate all with a semblance of vintage charm and modern practicality.

Sewanta Mason Jar Set

SEWANTA Canning Jars

We’ve found these jars to be a reliable choice for a range of kitchen needs, from canning to meal prep.


  • The jars’ airtight seal preserves freshness and prevents leaks.
  • Durable glass withstands temperature changes from the freezer to the microwave.
  • The wide mouth design simplifies filling, eating from, and cleaning the jars.


  • Lids are intended for single use when canning, which may require additional purchases.
  • At 16 ounces, they may be too large for small portioning or too small for bulk storage.
  • Not all sets come with an equal number of jars and bands, potentially leading to a mismatch.

When I first got my hands on the Sewanta Mason Jar Set, I was keen on testing their claim of being freezer-safe. The jars stood up to the challenge without cracking or showing signs of wear in the freezer. They also transitioned seamlessly to the microwave when it was time to heat up my homemade berry compote. The wide mouth made pouring and scooping a breeze, and the embossed measurements came in handy for ensuring precise portioning.

The real test came when I decided to use these jars for overnight oats. After sealing and shaking, not a single drop escaped, proving the airtight seal reliable. They stacked neatly in the fridge, a boon for space-saving. The clear glass let me quickly identify the contents, which is a small but significant convenience on a busy morning.

Where these jars fell short was in their lid design. I discovered that the lids aren’t reusable for canning, which isn’t ideal for those of us who like to minimize waste. This setback doesn’t detract from their overall utility but is worth noting if you plan to use them frequently for this purpose.

Despite a few limitations, our overall experience suggests that the Sewanta Mason Jar Set is a solid investment. Whether you’re a home canning enthusiast or just looking for sturdy containers for food storage, these jars are both versatile and convenient.

SEWANTA Wide Mouth Mason Jars

SEWANTA Mason Jars

These jars offer a reliable solution for various storage needs, affording convenience and durability.


  • Multipurpose and ideal for canning and DIY projects
  • Sturdy construction and safe for dishwasher, microwave, and freezer
  • Leak-proof and airtight ensuring fresh preservation


  • Lids are not reusable for canning, requiring additional purchases
  • Wide mouth may not be suitable for all types of preservation
  • Glass can be heavy and requires careful handling

Whether we are pickling our favorite vegetables or setting up colorful salads for the week, the SEWANTA Wide Mouth Mason Jars have proven to be a kitchen essential for us. Their construction is robust, reflective of the quality one would expect from American-made soda-lime glass. We find that the embossed measurement markings are particularly helpful for precise filling, which eliminates the guesswork and potential for mess.

These jars are not singular in their function. Beyond canning, we’ve used them creatively for presenting beverages and layered desserts at gatherings. The wide mouth facilitates ease of filling, as well as thorough cleaning after use. A dishwasher’s safe rating is always a plus, and these jars handle the rigors of regular cleaning without complaint.

Our use of these jars for freezer storage has been met with satisfaction. We appreciate that while the jars serve well in this capacity, it’s paramount to adhere to the max fill line for freezing to prevent any mishaps. The airtight seal has so far never failed us, keeping contents fresh and preventing any freezer burn.

The cons are relatively minor when weighed against the benefits, but it’s worth mentioning that the single-use nature of the lids can be a slight inconvenience for those of us who can frequently. That said, additional lids are readily available, and the jars themselves continue to perform well across all other uses. Despite their heft, these jars have become a mainstay for storage and more in our kitchen, and we’d contend they’re a good investment for anyone looking to organize their edibles or tackle home canning with confidence.

M.E.M Ball Mason Jars

M.E.M Ball Mason Jars

We find these jars to be an exceptional choice for anyone in need of reliable freezer-safe storage.


  • The airtight seal maintains freshness and prevents leaks
  • Multipurpose use, from food storage to crafting
  • Durable glass construction with freezer-safe capability


  • Plastic lids may not be as robust as metal for long-term canning
  • Limited to two jars per pack, may need to purchase multiple packs for bulk storage
  • Content visibility can be obstructed if stored in a crowded space

Fresh out of the freezer, the M.E.M Ball Mason Jars withstood the temperature change without a hint of glass stress. Their 32-ounce capacity struck the perfect balance: roomy enough for a batch of our homemade tomato sauce but compact enough to nestle neatly in our crowded freezer shelf. The satisfaction of twisting the white lid onto the jar and hearing that snug fit click into place reassured us that no spillage would occur. Even better was the visual appeal. The clear glass showcased our colorful preserves artfully, making them an attractive addition to the dinner table right from storage.

The freezer-safe claim held up perfectly. We stored last week’s berry compote alongside our smoothie packs, and even after a week, there was no freezer burn or taste alteration. It was as if we had just prepared it. The BPA-free promise added a layer of confidence in our health and safety considerations. Our experience washing them was as forthright as their design – a simple round through the dishwasher, lids and all, rendered them spotless and ready for their next use.

By the end of our testing, we were planning our next batch of preserves to justify another set of these M.E.M Ball Mason Jars. The practicality they’ve added to our kitchen routine couldn’t be overstated. Despite the slight drawback of the plastic lids, which might not outlast years of vigorous canning, they’ve proven themselves as indispensable allies in our quest for organized, fresh food storage.

Ball Freezer Jars

Ball Jar Plastic Freezer Jars

After trying out these freezer jars, we believe they are a necessity for anyone keen on organizing their frozen goods effectively.


  • Airtight lid ensures freshness and no freezer burn
  • The square design makes for an efficient use of freezer space
  • Easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe


  • They are plastic, which might disappoint those expecting glass
  • Can be considered pricey for plastic jars
  • The international difference in product terms can be confusing

Having stocked our freezer with Ball’s plastic freezer jars, we appreciate the secure feel of the airtight lids which have kept our homemade soups and sauces as fresh as the day we made them. They’ve endured several cycles in the dishwasher with no signs of wear, a testament to their durability.

The jars stack neatly, which has maximized our freezer space—a game-changer for small freezers. When we’re not using them, they nest together, barely taking any cupboard space. We also love the clear window on the lid; it makes identifying contents a breeze without the hassle of labeling.

While not a dealbreaker for us, it’s noteworthy that although the product information mentions “glass,” these jars are entirely plastic. Some customers who prefer the quality and safety of glass might want to take note of this.

In our experience, Mason jars have been quite versatile, but they are not always freezer-safe. When frozen, liquids expand and can crack glass Mason jars. For those of us who love the timeless look and feel of glass jars, this can be limiting. It’s crucial to check if the Mason jars are labeled as freezer-safe to prevent any kitchen mishaps. Ball’s freezer jars offer a similar sense of reliability and sustainability that one would expect from traditional Mason jars, with the added assurance that they won’t crack in the cold.

Wide Mouth Mason Jars

32 oz Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jars

If you’re looking for reliable and multipurpose canning jars, these Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jars really deliver with their freezer-safe and BPA-free design.


  • Sturdy glass construction with wide mouth for easy access
  • Airtight seal with Sure-Tight lids preserving contents for longer periods
  • Set includes a handy rubber jar opener, simplifying the opening process


  • Glass can be heavy and fragile if dropped
  • Wide mouth might not suit those who prefer standard or narrow options
  • Seals may require checking to ensure they’ve been properly engaged

Having recently used these Mason jars for a multitude of purposes around the kitchen, we’ve found them incredibly durable and versatile. Whether it was for canning homemade salsas or storing bulk dry goods, the wide mouth was a game-changer. Filling and cleaning these jars was a breeze, which is a must in any bustling kitchen.

The set’s inclusion of a rubber jar opener was a thoughtful touch from MEM WORLDSHOP. Not once did we have to wrestle with opening the jars, and the grip it provided was superior to any cloth or silicone pad we’ve used before.

We’ve shifted away from plastic containers for environmental and health reasons, navigating towards glass alternatives. The decision to do so has been bolstered by the sturdy and freezer-safe design of these Mason jars. Our experience has validated the manufacturer’s claim that the Sure-Tight lids keep food sealed effectively – our overnight oats and cold brew stayed fresh for days.

In efforts to cater effectively to your needs, if freezer-safe containers are what you’re after, it’s hard to look past these Mason jars. They’ve stood up to the cold well and demonstrated no signs of cracking or stress, which is often a concern with glass in lower temperatures. While they’re not the lightest option in cupboard, the trade-off comes with the peace of mind that these jars won’t harbor bacteria, stain, or retain odors like their plastic counterparts.

Buying Guide

When shopping for freezer-safe containers, we recommend considering several important features to ensure you buy the best product for your needs.

Material Quality

We must ensure that our freezer-safe containers are made of durable materials that can withstand extreme cold without cracking. Plastic containers should be BPA-free to avoid chemical contamination, and glass containers must be tempered for extra strength.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the containers depend on our storage needs and the space available in our freezer. It is wise to opt for a variety of sizes for different food items. Rectangular or square containers often save space and stack easily.

Seal and Lock

A strong seal is critical to prevent freezer burn and ensure our food stays fresh. Look for containers with tight-fitting lids, gaskets, or locking mechanisms.

  • Silicone seals offer airtight storage.
  • Latch locks or snap lids provide an extra layer of security.


The containers should be microwave-safe for convenient thawing. Additionally, they should be dishwasher-safe to simplify the cleaning process.

  • Microwave-safe for thawing or reheating
  • Dishwasher-safe for ease of cleaning


The containers should be able to be used multiple times. Check for:

  • Resistance to stains and odors
  • Ability to hold up to repeated use

Compatibility with Mason Jars

Mason jars are a versatile option for freezer storage, provided they are specifically marked as freezer-safe. When considering Mason jars:

  • Choose jars with wide mouths to allow for easy filling and removal of contents.
  • Ensure there is enough headspace for liquids to expand when frozen.

Table of Key Features

MaterialBPA-free plastic, tempered glass
Size & ShapeVariety of sizes, stackable designs
Seal & LockAirtight silicone seals, latch locks
UsabilityMicrowave and dishwasher-safe
DurabilityResistant to stains, odors, and wear & tear
Mason Jar SuitabilityFreezer-safe, wide-mouth, headspace

By considering these factors, we can select the best freezer-safe containers to meet our food storage requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting freezer-safe containers, we focus on durability, airtight seals, and materials that withstand low temperatures without cracking or losing their shape.

What are the most reliable containers with lids for freezing food?

For reliability, we recommend containers made from heavy-duty plastic or glass that are specifically designed for freezing. Brands like Rubbermaid and Pyrex offer some of the most durable options with secure lids.

How do freezer safe glass containers compare to plastic ones for food storage?

Glass containers are non-porous and don’t absorb smells or colors, making them excellent for long-term storage without flavor transfer. However, plastic containers are lighter and less likely to shatter, which may be preferable for some users.

What characteristics define the best airtight containers to prevent freezer burn?

The best airtight containers have secure-fitting lids with silicone or rubber gaskets to seal out air. Snap-lock lids with multiple latches can also provide an excellent seal to prevent freezer burn and preserve food quality.

Users often recommend OXO Good Grips Pop Containers for their stackability and airtight seal. Many also suggest Ziploc or Glad containers for their affordability and effectiveness in preventing freezer burn.

What should I look for when choosing containers for freezing baked goods?

Ensure the containers are airtight to maintain freshness and moisture. Choose sizes that fit the portions you intend to freeze, and opt for square or rectangular containers to maximize space efficiency in the freezer.

How can I determine if a container is truly safe and durable for freezer use?

Check for a freezer-safe symbol, typically a snowflake, on the container. We also advise choosing containers that are BPA-free and made from thicker materials that can resist cracking at low temperatures.

Are Mason jars suitable for freezing?

Yes, Mason jars can be used for freezing, but we suggest opting for straight-sided jars to prevent breakage due to expansion. Always leave headspace when filling, as liquids expand when frozen.

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